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It seems likely that Jimmy Speirs’ soccer talents were first exhibited playing local juvenile football in Govanhill. Once at Maryhill Football Club, Jimmy was described as "from Annandale".

Maps of the time - around the turn of the century - reveal that a couple of streets to the west of Jimmy’s home at Cathcart Road was a football field, in an area which now falls between Annandale Street and South Annandale Street (crossed by Govanhill Street).  Could this have been the home of the Annandale "club" and/or the origin of the club's name?

It seems very likely that Jimmy's "Annandale" was a local Glasgow juvenile side and not the more senior Club of a similar name*, which was to become established a few years later. 

(*A Club named "Mid-Annandale" - based in Lockerbie - was formed in 1877, but disbanded in December 1894. A new Lockerbie Club – "Vale of Dryfe" were formed in November 1896, but they disbanded in 1906. "Mid-Annandale Juniors" formed in 1906, became "Mid-Annandale Amateurs" from 1909 but then simply "Mid-Annandale" in 1910. This is the more famous Club which later enjoyed a brief membership (1923-1926) of the Scottish League, Third Division).

In Jimmy's day, many of the Glasgow grounds were "black ash", rather than grass, and were played on a couple of times a day in the summer. Juvenile competitions were held on these parks from April onwards, and were a means of the Junior (a level up from Juvenile) clubs picking up new talent.

This may well have been the case with Jimmy, for, in the Spring of 1905, he first appears in the records of Maryhill FC.